I might Survive

I have been back at work for a month now after my knee replacements. It is getting back to just a regular ebb and flow of days while there. Recovery from double knee replacement is so hard. My legs are so swollen at the end of each workday. I feel pain all day long at this point but each week I feel little steps of improvement. I have thought a lot about wishing that I was at my retirement time. My internal patience wears thin at all the little personality traits of my coworkers but I am sure I make them a bit annoyed too. When I started back it was frightening that I could hardly remember one step on the computer of how to do the daily tasks in our powerchart. I had to just swallow my pride and constantly ask where is this or that. After 12 weeks of time away, I hope that is the closest I ever come to alzheimers. It was frightening.

We are still in covid mode. I got my vaccination (Pfizer brand) right before I returned to work. It annoys me that a couple of my coworkers have not gotten it yet. They state that they were always working but they could have signed up for times right after work as the shot clinics have been right in our education area. They still are obsessing about wearing the masks. I do think the masks have been necessary and they have stopped the spread of a lot of illness. I also believe that this is America and you have to be careful about treading on each individuals rights. Our Governor Spencer Cox is hoping that we may be a maskless state by the Fourth of July. I hope this can be true. Utah has fared much better than a lot of other places. The differing opinions of Covid have caused many divides among everyone, politically as I have stated before and sadly amongst friends and even families. I know that it is fear and sad to see, hear and even feel. I think a couple of my children are a little over the top but I know how smart they are and am so proud of them for getting through this and keeping my Grandchildren well protected.

This week I was on the Medifast plan really well until yesterday. Yesterday was the first day that my weight dropped 4.6 pounds on the scale to 191 lbs so you would think that would keep me on firm plan but I ate poorly all day. Partially because I am not feeling really well. I have been struggling with UTI’s for months that have most recently developed into a bacterial infection of my whole urinary area. It has sapped my energy and had me in pain. I tell myself maybe it isn’t a good time to try to do this but my food is getting staler and staler and a premium time just never seems to come. I have to start believing that better health is going to come with the loss of weight and I am going to try to inch forward. I would like to lose 65 more pounds to 126. I have adjusted my goal by 5 pounds as I don’t think anymore that 121 is necessary as I am aging.

I have at lease one follower join my blog each week which I am sure they think there is some sort of advertising benefit to be gained but I am certain no one cares about my little “so much to lose” opinion or blog. This is mostly for myself . I hope one day I will look back or my posterity and be able to see you can survive this world and you can improve and grow.