Thank Goodness for Faith

On November 3rd, election for the 46th President of the United States was held. I had gone back and forth on my feelings of whether Trump could win, not because he shouldn’t, but because it has become evident how much corruption there is. The opponent Biden (many think he has Alzheimer’s) sat in his basement for weeks, not campaigning. The times he would go out, there was gaffe after gaffe from his mouth but you could see him truly struggling. There were a couple times I watched his wife sitting next to him so uncomfortable, just clinching her teeth and praying he would utter the words he was suppose to say. How could the democratic party be so cruel that they would push a man to this? They would be willing to destroy him. His name will for the rest of time never be held up to represent good or ensue wonderful memories, but will make people recall the tool that he was made to be. Holding the hand of Kamala Harris, who is thrilled to be the first female VP (of color). They proclaim this and I just cannot believe we have not come further than this as a people and nation that they have to play that as the most important part of the deal.

When the evening came and States started to close their polls, Trump was clipping along but then as it got to the last half dozen or so States ie., Pennsylvania, Georgia that would lead to 270 electoral votes. Things began dragging and just freezing with various explanations offered of problems with starting late, machine malfunctions. I heard someone speak of the world trade centers being hit and that with the first one, you felt shocked, and confused but then as the second one was hit, this feeling of dread, horror and heartbreak started to enter your soul. It was hard to believe that such evil was around us and settling over us. That was exactly how I felt as I watched the elections unfold. They were not going to let Trump win. No matter how many people showed up at his rallies proclaiming their faith in the job he has done, in spite of the coronavirus being all around us, the frigid temperatures and waiting hours to possibly get in to thank this man and proclaim support, they kept going. When Biden would go out, they would be lucky to get a crowd of 15 people outside his staff to come. In spite of this, I could not feel any confidence that Trump would be reelected because the evil and corruption and hate is looming over our country even larger than this virus and plague that has crippled our nation.

It is now 6 days later and Trump is trying to assemble a team of lawyers and staff that will fight to the bitter end to show that this election was stolen. In my mind, there is no doubt that if all the corruption could be cleaned up and wiped away, this would have been victorious to President Trump in the largest election landslide ever in our country. I want to believe they can be victorious. I am terrified the insult and crippling that will be done to us with the leadership of Biden/Harris. I doubt that Biden will be able to make it through half of a term without becoming incompetent and Kamala being placed as the President. She is as far left, liberal as any get. The election has been stolen and I am trying to have faith. Faith, that this is really God’s land and in spite of what evil can and will accomplish, God will bring the ultimate plan to fruition. We are told we, that are living now are the strongest, most valiant. That we will be able to stand up to the evils of this world. It feels that between the coronavirus and this election, my spirit cannot take much more. My heart feels broken.

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