What in the World?

Some say everything being experienced as of late are signs of the times. That makes me feel very anxious. I need a lot more time to get my act together before any sort of apocalypse happens. This past week after Labor Day weekend, we got a storm Monday night which was basically a Utah hurricane. There were up to 112 mph gusts in some parts of the state. There were about 180,000 customers that lost power, which we were part of. Ours was out from Tuesday through Saturday. The only damage we had was one limb from our smoke bush and a couple half gallons of Icecream. Rik and I broke down and bought a generator which I don’t think we will ever regret. The hospital lost over 100 trees and basically there are trees and fences down all over the place. We have never had to go that long without power. That was the hardest.

There are a record number of fires burning all down the west coast. It’s especially scary because it is early on in the fire season. Up in Spokane where Sharilyn and Erik are, the air quality is really awful. With all of this craziness from covid already, anything else just feels to Be too much.

I feel really down and missed the last two days of work. Feeling very under the weather and just exhausted. I could not afford to do this and use the PTO but I just couldn’t get myself feeling up to it.

Tomorrow I will try to start Medifast again. Still 196.

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