There are fires burning everywhere again. You cannot see our beautiful mountains due to the haze and smoke. I always keep my bathroom window open a little and I just realized tonight, I think that is what is making my R eye papillae so bad. It was not until earlier this week when my eye was killing and I could hardly stand it being open that I went over to the eye Dr. and finally had someone explain what is going on with this eye. So, now I know I have Papillae that are very angry right now. I knew I have allergies and earlier when the smoke was getting in the house and Rik said to shut the window, I realized that might be what is bothering my eye. The Dr. gave me antibiotic drops but was 50/50 whether that was at all going to help. I go back on the 4th of September and if it is going to be aggravated like this until then, I will lose my mind.

Since we came back from Texas I have been suffering with a UTI, Bladder prolapse, knee inflammation and this eye ailment. I am exhausted. I have not had more than 3 hours of sleep at a time forever. on top of that my stomach has been off and on. I think that might have been the Macrodantin and eye drops.

The Medifast cheating started again a little at a time until I was back off plan the last few days. Work was busier last week and I was really feeling horrid each day. With wearing the mask it makes it very difficult to get the water in or eat, plus I didn’t want to have the pee pressure. I think I am still down 4 pounds so tomorrow I an grabbing hold again. I know with seeing the knee Dr., it is going to be hard to stay on plan as I have surgery and sit around trying to recover but getting this weight off is so critical to it all being worth it. I just have to keep going at this. I heard three weeks make a new habit so I am shooting for a very clean, on plan 3 weeks.

Neck -14″

I took new measurements the other day but I don’t think there was much improvement.

August 16, 2020

Neck -14″

Chest -45″

R arm -12.5″

L arm -14″

Waist -42″

Hips -47″

Thigh tops -39″

R thigh -21″

L thigh -22.5″

R calf -14″

L calf -14.5″

R ankle -7.5′

L ankle -7.75″

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