Never would I have dreamed that we would still be in the
middle of this Covid crisis.  It really irritates me and
causes me a lot of anxiety.  I just don’t like the uncert-
ainty it keeps us in.

I think it is real but I believe the media are really
playing it up to make President Trump look bad.  The re-
ports said that the economy, the stock market and jobs
were rebounding better than could be hoped for so all of
a sudden all you hear from the media are record numbers
of new cases being broken day after day.  They had started
reopening businesses and now there is talk that it was too
fast and they are wanting to reclose them.  People don’t want
to do it. They can’t afford to take bigger losses.

Along with this there was a black man by the name of Floyd
that was resisting arrest. He was held down by a police off-
icer pressing his knee against his neck while Floyd yelled
he couldn’t breathe but the officer kept holding him and Floyd
was killed by him.  That has started a movement ~ 'Black Lives
Matter'.  People are going crazy rioting all over the nation.
They are destroying anything deemed as proof of racism, tear-
ing down statues and vandalizing property. Part of downtown
Seattle was literally take over by these activists groups
while the government and police forces have just stood by and
allowed it.

This world has gone crazy.  It sounds every bit like things I
read about in scripture.  I can feel the evilness and corrupt-
ion building, and I just can’t believe it will be very much
longer before God will intervene and send the Savior to stop
the destruction.  Due to Covid people have not been allowed
to gather at their churches.  We are in the saddest of times.