I have just about had it.  I have probably had tiny cheats for the last couple days but today if I were on a normal calorie counting diet, I don’t think I went over 1500 to 1600 max but it was just little wierd things, nothing horrible but I think just one Medifast bar ~ Why?  Because I feel like crap.  This Levaquin is killing me like I can’t believe.  The nausea, headaches and inflammation in my joints.  Today my knees feel like they are just going to blow out.  It started building probably the third day in and I am lucky to still be able to get up.  I knew I was taking a risk taking it since last time was so bad.  I am literally stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I have been on too many antibiotics and this does seem to kick the infection or be trying but I just hope there isn’t lasting damage when I am done.  There are some horrible stories on the Internet from others.  It is supposed to be rare that this happens but I have always been a special one.  Several times I have moved and felt my knee joints pop, lock or shift.  I am trying to be so careful as it’s got me so scared and freaked out.  I have 3-4 more days.

So it is making it really hard to do Medifast.  When I try to just eat that my stomach is so upset so I have grabbed crackers and just whatever feels like it soothes.  Today it was a vanilla shake at McDonalds which seemed to help.  I’m not feeling hungry, just nauseous and horrid.  The headaches just really add to it.  I will probably have my Sinus CT scan this week but my follow up isn’t until the 19th.  Something has got to be wrong in there.  They said my allergies could have picked up strength but I am about to rip my head off.  Everyday I will keep going.  I don’t want to stop.  Tomorrow I am going to try to really time my meals out and maybe go back and forth between the oatmeal and mashed potatoes.  Those are both sounding safe right now.  It’s almost 3 weeks back in and I am down only 6.6 pounds, if tomorrow I don’t have regain.  There is easily 5-7 pounds of inflammation on me right now.  I go forward….I hope!

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