Hopefully I have gotten this disconnected from my Facebook now.  I don’t care if anyone follows and I hope eventually somebody reads this and it can encourage them but I want to be real and right now my “real” is not very motivational.

This trying to stick to plan is so hard when I feel so lousy.  My weight didn’t go up this morning  but it just stayed the same and I hope it will tomorrow.  I got home Friday and slept for a while after work.  My sinus’ just weigh me down.  The vertigo has been gone but I still feel pressure and discomfort into my left ear.  I really remember now how bad I felt prior to my deviated septum surgery.  I was feeling this same exhaustion and pressure.  I got up today and after getting ready for the day I went up to the hospital and put in my missing punch out from Friday, mailed a package off to Olivia, took a couple things out to Nicole’s for Lily.  I then managed to come home and do a few chores but then I laid back down and slept and there you have my day.  I hope I can get the house cleaned up tomorrow but no intention of trying to get to church here.  I feel so crappy about myself and really crappy.  I picked up another antibiotic which I called for but it’s Levaquin (prior bad reaction in joints) and I am scared to take it but I’m going to because I can’t stand feeling so awful and it is probably the only thing that can help.  My appointment with Dr. Majors is the 1st of October and I am ready for whatever I need to get well.  I will just try to maintain my weight loss and Monday will be another fresh start.  I cannot quit.  I can still be in such a better place by Christmas and I really believe in Medifast.  It can work really well if I can just get going strong.  I am so tired still and it is late.

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