Hiding out……

If I hadn’t had ice cream tonight, tomorrow I probably would have been 170 something but I Had Icecream Tonight.  I picked up another round of antibiotics today and on October 1st I go back to the ENT which I am pretty certain is going to lead to surgery but I can’t stand it anymore. I am tired of being sick. The other night on the way home from work I stumbled and thought I had caught myself but then I felt that wierd sensation and I was powerless to catch myself.  I fell smack on my face and cut my head open and have a marvelous black eye today, not to mention I feel like I was in a wreck.

I don’t know if any Medifaster’s will ever read this.  The second week I had cheats but was on the Prednisone and just felt good about maintaining.  This was day 4 of week 3 and I was down another 1.6 pounds but with the Icecream ~ well, we will just have to see what tomorrow brings.  Tomorrow is a new perfect day and we’ll see what I can do by Monday.  The perfect days really do bring about the cravings going away.  Before I missed food like an old friend that would tell me everything was going to be okay so when I cry it’s because I miss that comfort and also the social aspects of enjoying food with friends but these are cushions of comfort from the past.  I don’t want to eat for emotional reasons anymore.

My Sister went to Texas to be with my Brother that had a stroke a couple months ago.  I am so glad.  I know she will encourage him and cheer him up and he needs that.  I pray all the time he will be able to get as close back to himself as possible.  I hate feeling helpless.

Well I am exhausted…………night…… 


It got a lot uglier than this today!

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