Slippery Slopes

I wish I could just throw this whole last week away.  I have struggled!  This morning my weight is 182.2  which is just a little up from my 5 pounds down weight of 181.6  so we go forward reviewing what went wrong that I must fix.  I must get up and eat sooner to start my metabolism firing.  I must get my meals in every 2.5 hours so I stay at least satisfied.  The other night my meals had been screwy all day and I ate my last one at 6 pm and found myself laying uncomfortably in bed with hunger pangs.  The next morning I woke up too hungry and tired and found myself eating/binging like 2/3 of a box of Captain Crunch berries and then Friday and Saturday continued to be snacky days.  This morning I feel toxic and exhausted.  I feel like I could stay in bed all day.

I am committing to get to the bottom of how crappy I feel.  This week I am going to call my ENT’s office and get in to get that CT scan done or whatever it takes.  I finished my 10 days of antibiotics although didn’t do well with the Prednisone dosages all day but I know I am not clear.  I am still having a little bit of vertigo and the left sinus area feels so full.  I keep getting the headaches and they seem to come on pretty quick.  This worn out feeling is really weighing on me and Maybe it’s time for deviated septum repair part 2.  The other thing is my heart is scaring me. I hope it’s just anxiety but I feel palpitations and even small pains mid sternum and left.  I can say I am paranoid from listening to patient’s but what I feel is real.  Since my brother’s had a heart attack and stroke this last couple months I know I’ve got to pursue this and know where my heart health stands for my kid’s sake and Rik.

Back to the Medifast,  I’ve got to buckle down.  Today’s a new day and let’s see where I can get by Christmas.


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