Downward please?

I haven’t been perfect.  This container of trail mix should have got thrown across the lawn for the dogs and birds the first night it made me cheat.  I am sure that between the Prednisone and that, I know the reason my weight has stayed at a stand still this week thus far.  Tonight my cravings have been bad but I have not given in.  Today one of the Providers bought lunch for our staff and I was so proud of myself that I had salad and threw the lean meat and veggies off the sandwich on top of it and no delicious bakery treat for me.  Yesterday another Provider got Pizza from the Pie for the whole group and I just ate the toppings off one slice.  I say this because I once heard something like that moment you give in was the moment you were just about to see progress.  Well today was extremely difficult and I did not give in.  That scale better budge tomorrow or it might be thrown across the lawn.  I still have 3 days to this week and I’m praying I’ll see a couple pounds.  Tomorrow is Friday……..I love Fridays!


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