Monday, blah, blah, blah!

It has been rough and I’m not kidding.  I kept thinking I don’t think you should have to work if you feel like this.  My head, ears and energy level were awful but luckily I work with great people that are easy to be around and more than take on their share of the work.

I do not want this to be a negative weight loss blog and though weight loss is not easy I will, I promise have positive times but I’m a slow starter but when I get things rolling………watch out.   It was as I thought this morning and I started with a 5 pound weight loss.  Not only that but tonight after I got home I was picking at a container of trail mix, just the peanuts I lied to myself but a lot of raisins, chocolate chips and M& M’s made their way to my stomach……..aaagh!  When I feel tired and lousy, I have got to admit to myself to not even step near temptation.  The thing about Medifast is that it isn’t just messing up my today.  When you throw yourself out of fat burn, you have to spend a few days getting back to it.  It isn’t worth it.  IT ISN’T!!

In little small ways I am noticing changes but I always get excited when that first person notices and says those magic words, “are you losing weight?”  I am guessing that is still 10 pounds away……

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