Saturday event.

My daughter spoke at her event today and I was in awe of how great she was.  There were many amazing women there with great messages.  My Sister’s came up from Utah county and It meant the world to Hannah.  She also had many supportive friends there.  It seemed like it was a successful Women’s retreat.  The lady that put it together is amazing and one of my daughter’s close friends.  People that can organize events like that blow my mind.

My weight was exactly the same today so I hope by Monday I see some results.  I didn’t cheat at the nice luncheon at the retreat.  I did have some air popped corn tonight and shouldn’t have. Only drank half my water and that is bad.  I really need to focus on that each day.  These headaches and just total blek is getting to me but I did read up and everything sounds like it’s due to the Prednisone and the slow weight loss start and munchies is probably from it to.  The Doctor states I really need it but I think tomorrow I will cut the dose to 1/2 and see if I handle that better.

I’ve got to go to bed.   Hope I’ll sleep away the weight.

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