Friday ~ No weekend this week!

Today was my hardest so far.  It wasn’t so much that my appetite came back as much as my sense of smell.  This has been a hard, long week with this stupid infection.  Everyone at my office was feeling sinus pressure too so I think between the Summer fires all around us in the Northwest and Fall allergens emerging, Utah’s air environment is BAD right now.

I spent a lot of my day concerned about this women’s conference where my 25 year old daughter with Cerebral Palsy is one of the featured speaker’s.  She has a great spark and feels fairly confident in her self and states I have nothing to worry about.  I just am in awe of her.

I was trying to think what I ate today.  A few naughty weird things like a handful of pretzels, a bunch of grapes and a couple of cups of air popped popcorn and these are all illegals.  As far as my Medifast food I had 3 meals (so, I’m down 2) and a big lean and green.  Plenty of water so I am thinking those extras were extras and I have no clue if the scale will show me mercy in the morning.  I was on the phone a lot and didn’t get near enough movement in.  As afternoon rolled in I had this massive toxic headache come on that was actually making me nauseous.  It took me an hour or so to get feeling like I could even function after work.  That may have been behind me having the intense carb cravings and my headache did ease after consuming then.  I don’t feel horribly guilty but more proud of myself that I’ve persevered this week with the illness.  I let myself get over tired (still not sleeping good at all).  It’s so important to me on this plan I’ve learned to try to keep my life minimal and stay fed on those properly timed meals and rest.  I did lose a ton of fluid today.  Two more days to pull week one through and sacrifice at least a couple more pounds.     Go me!

My daughter ~ she never quits!                                                                                

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