Day 4 done.  Honestly when the days are so busy it is hard to even eat but got my meals in.  I only got 2/3 of my water in, About 60 ou. Didn’t feel hungry too bad and lost .6 more pounds this morning.  So about 5 in the four days.

This weekend my lovely daughter with special needs is talking at a Women’s retreat. My lunch is part of the ticket and I feel a little tense about the food looking great and not being able to eat it.  I am going to take a salad in a small lunch cooler bag so they don’t starve me if there is nothing acceptable.    Anyway Hannah(my daughter),  she really has great self esteem and I really look up to her.  With all her struggles and special worries she really loves talking to people about being happy.  I know she is one of God’s favored and I feel so blessed yet unworthy to be her Mom. She is definitely a driving force in my needing to stay strong and healthy as long as possible

Tomorrow is Friday.  Though last Monday was the Labor Day holiday and Tuesday I stayed home ill, it’s still just wearing on me.  I feel better a little more today and hopefully it will just keep getting better.

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