Day 3 going, going……..

When I wake up tomorrow I should be entering into that lovely state of ketosis!   Today the scale showed a 3.6# loss.  Go me! I already noticed clothes were not all puffed up with water retention as I headed back to work after illness of the past several days.  Tonight I will be missing a meal as I head to sleep but I just haven’t been able to eat good.  The Amoxicillin is really bugging my stomach and this is a higher dose of prednisone and it kept me up all night last night so I didn’t take the third dose today.  I’ve got to get sleep.  I felt so much better today though so thanks for answering my prayer God.

A lady posted her struggles on one of the Medifast sites about trying to get started again and I sure know what she is talking about, it’s hard.  This was my response –

It is the end of Day 3 again so I hesitate to post but I kept getting sick with sinus infections and little bugs and illness feeds off the crap we put in our bodies. I am really praying hard because I am so sick of second day fails so tomorrow I should enter Ketosis and then I’m shooting for the first 10 pounds and then hang in just five more at a time. I won’t miss all the events in the future like Halloween forever but if/when I achieve my goal I will sure do things differently. A bite of cake will be enough celebration. I want to stop having weight be a sad feeling crutch. If you have emotional food issues you really have to come to terms with what your triggers are and want happiness and healthy freedom more than bowls full of worthless food. I’ll pray for you. This is a great program and you will get there, don’t give up!

A last note of gratitude.  I sure love my job and am so thankful I went back to school at a later age and entered health care.  I love the patients and more so the area I work in and my co workers are just the best.

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