Medifast cheater right here

Really not so much of a cheater but a rough starter.  For those of you that know about Medifast, you eat 5 Medifast purchased packs and 1 lean and green which is just a carefully allotted portion of a lean protein and vegetables and drink a couple bootlegs of water.  You can get a little creative with this and there are all sorts of secret sites, secret recipes and add ons and with health coaches for the ‘Take Shape for Life’ side of it (I by the way have a great coach ~take a bow Sherrie Brown who lost 55 pounds 2ish  years ago in an amazing few months and has maintained and is cute as a button).  What bothered me is trying to find regular bloggers who went at this and wrote of their daily emotions and journey and rough patches which I am starting with.  Today has been Day 2 and I have eaten about halfway Medifast and the other half almost legal substitutions like a Pure Protien bar which due to it’s calorie count I counted as two meals.  The problem with that is, Medifast is formulated perfectly to meet your dietary needs, energy requirements etc. while being very low in calories, carbs and sugars, and yes your metabolism does slow (mine can’t be much slower) but followed correctly after the first few days you enter into ketosis (fat burning) and you feel pretty dang marvelous.  You can’t convince me otherwise as I had a good run last fall with 35 pounds off in a little over 2 months.  What went wrong?  I didn’t work close enough with my coach and I didn’t be honest enough about how emotionally addicted to food I was and that I am a perfectionist (all or nothing mentality) I have, not enough preparation (reading all the materials first) and realizing how I could handle the roughest of times while still staying On Plan.  There are so many creative people that have gone ahead of me and created some pretty tasty substitutions that will keep you on plan.  It is not cheap, probably up there in the top of the expensive programs but………..there are some of us that know we do better in tighter boxes of choices, and the food is decently good.  I have found a few lemons that I won’t repeat order, plenty I initially disliked and later my tastebuds changed or I learned to “doctor up” with part of my lean and green allotment or the helps that Medifast provided and there is a good period of transition you must go through at the end to get your body slowly back to it’s normal state.  This takes the hard out of losing weight.  The one thing I struggle with from the Medifast Community is all the getting healthy talk.  My intelligence tells me that getting excess weight off is healthier regardless of how you are able to achieve it.  I do not plan on living on Medifast the rest of my life so there better be some education going on (personally, while I’m not baking cookies) as to why I had to lose weight in the first place and why and what will put it back on me and what I will be doing to be more active in order to keep my aging metabolism fired up and what my “personal food poisons” are that can never get so out of control again.  A friend of mine that lost a crazy amount of weight and kept it off, once told me “losing weight was the fun part and easy part,  it’s the day to day afterwards keeping to your commitment to yourself that sucks”.  Am I trying to sell his stuff?   No, or just to myself but I know a couple things…………

I want to grow as a person.  I want to gain control over my vices and ignorances.  I would like to feel happy, connected to God and desire to be in this world and make it a better place.  Does being fat stop me from this?  Well yes, at least it does me.  It’s hard to move and I don’t feel as motivated carting around 60 plus pounds.  I’m not as physically strong as I can be and I get injured at the slightest strange movement.  Some of this is just aging but for me, a lot of it isn’t.  I want to go hiking with my Grandkids if I feel like it and clean my own house until I am forced to leave it.  I want to know I tried to live every day God had planned for me.

By telling you this I know I will have at least a couple more days of success, oh and the rough start…………..that just had to do with not feeling my healthy best.  I’ve started as best I could.

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