Sinus Infections

I don’t know why I have such a hard time determining if it has become a sinus infection (it always does) but I know it can’t be good to always be on antibiotics so I try to go as long as I can before caving and today I caved when I fell over on a lady at Kohl’s,  exaggerating a little but not much.  She was sweet and asked if I was okay?  Heck yeah,  I stagger into people all the time.  I told her “I don’t drink” and that “I’ve got this inner ear thing going on, I think”.   I noticed her watching me the rest of the time as I tried to make purchase decisions and I tried to keep my movements straight and sober.  You have to know this about me, if I am tired or not feeling well it it pretty pointless for me to go shopping.  What should take 10 minutes stretches to literal hours of me wandering in a stupor with a glazed look on my face.  Any who I did finish and decided the Urgent Care was calling my name.  The Doctor took one look at my left ear after I explained why I was spending Labor Day afternoon/evening  trying to meet him and stated “you don’t know when to cry uncle”.  Do you know that Labor Day closes down every pharmacy early except that one Walgreens 15 miles away and that is not the one I had them sent to.  Lucky me has a sweet husband that went back to Urgent Care to ask them to send it to that special pharmacy and then drove to get my drugs so I can pray and hope I can work tomorrow.  I told him not to go as I’ve been staggering around already a week or so feeling this slightly unbalanced thing but alas he loves me.

I was just going to check in each day to state how my Medifast day went.  I got a late start to the day as I just wanted to sleep (should have) but I will make it to bed with my 5 meals done and lean and green and about 84 ounces of water down although there was only 1 hour between the last 3 meals.  I have a doozy of a headache, not just sinus pressure ~ “Uncle!”

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