Perfectionistic Me

This is all so new to me and I am probably going to create a disaster of a blog as I expose myself to the world but the more I have watching the more accountable I’ll be.  I am a person who is big in personality and I am sure that hasn’t always pleased everyone around me.  The rest of me though,  I picked and chose what I wanted to share and thought I was in pretty great control of it all.  A few years back I started to have some physical health issues like bad knees, a deteriorating spine and a lousy rotator cuff.  It made it harder and harder to keep up my perfect house, workouts and being the most amazing person I could be so I started saying “No” and then just not showing up.  I’ve kept more and more to myself and it has been lonely and depressing which recently forced a big change up in my medications and now I am trying to find the sun in the day and quit eating what’s not good for me.  Tomorrow I am starting back on my Medifast which has been a start and stop since it entered my life last October 23rd when I initially lost about 35 pounds but alas I thought I was strong enough to take a week off around Christmas and look what it’s become  ~ sigh!  This weekend being Labor Day weekend I have been doing some things and I went through my food I’ve been throwing money out the window towards and I have enough to go at this 92 days and then my plan is to switch to the 17 Day Diet where I will finish up and move towards a clean eating lifestyle that I plan on living as close as I can.  All of my health problems it seems are due to an inflammatory system that since I am no longer a Spring Chicken I am trying to become a responsible health focused adult that does not want to spend my Senior years laying in a bed, drooling and smelling up the place.  Friends,  I have 63 pounds I would like to send out to the universe and tonight I will not mention the exact numbers I am leaving or going to but this is my start and tomorrow the gun goes off…….GETTING SMALLER ALL THE TIME………image

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